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1Nicolas W. Mitiukov[Россия], Aleksei V. Korobeinikov[Россия]The Principle of Similarity Numbers of Recruiting Cohorts2016, March127
2Goran Rajović[Россия], Jelisavka Bulatović[Сербия]Regional Aspects of the Population in Montenegro: Review2016, March126
3Nana M. Berdzenishvili[Грузия]The History of the Georgian Population2016, March120
4Nana M. Berdzenishvili[Грузия], Georgii A. Dzamunashvili[Грузия]The Demography of the Population in Telavi2016, March113
5Igor I. Shcherbak[Россия]Some Aspects of Demographic Problems of the USSR after the Great Patriotic War2016, September96
6Goran Rajović[Россия], Jelisavka Bulatović[Сербия]Regional Inequalities Population of Montenegro with Overview of Regional Indicators2016, September82
7Olga V. Natolochnaya[Россия]The Social Policy of the USSR in 1945-1953 years: the Public Health Protection2016, September77
8Elena G. Ryaposova[Россия]The Research of Opportunities to Improve Life Expectancy in Russian Based on Mathematical Multifactor Models2016, September75

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